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Training Moodle Essential

Our program gives you the confidence and competence with essential Moodle course functionality to make informed decisions about course design, strategic planning and providing support in your organisation. Starting with course settings and orientation, the programme also covers tools for deploying and signposting content, assessment, communication and collaboration. This Course enables you to monitor activity in your courses, along with the ability to manage access to specific course content, track the progress of your learners and to provide learners with digital rewards, as appropriate.

Course Objectives

After completing the course, participants should be able to:

  • Manage a course, including course set-up and layout options including managing blocks.

  • Manage resources, including adding and configuring the Label, Book, File and Folder resources.

  • Manage assessment activities, including adding and configuring the Quiz (using a range of popular question types), assignment and questionnaires.

  • Import activities/resources from one course to another.

  • Configure gradebook (Overview of functionality, and create custom scales for use in graded activities).

  • Manage reports, including monitor learner activity logs, and track and report on the progress of your learners.